Why It's Better

When you choose SmartBath you get a different experience than with most bathroom renovation companies. SmartBath looks at your bath remodeling project from a holistic perspective. It’s not just a tub or shower in your bathroom, it’s a place to unwind after a busy day. For this reason, we hire and train the best in the industry and require each employee to embrace SmartBath’s philosophy to deliver:

  • A high value at a reasonable cost
  • A quick, hassle-free process
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Top quality products from well-established brands
  • Solutions to your bathroom problems so they don’t return
  • Professional, courteous craftsmen
  • Great project management to ensure best possible results
  • Superior craftsmanship based on 50+ years experience

The SmartBath Concept

The SmartBath concept grew from numerous clients who came to us because they were unsatisfied with bathroom solutions they got from companies that offer bathtub/shower enclosures or tub liners where a shell is fitted over an existing bath fixture. They complained of leaks, quality and craftsmanship issues.

The SmartBath Concept

Bathrooms are the perfect place for unseen problems, such as mold or structural damage, to hide. But covering up those problems doesn’t solve them as they usually resurface. In fact, cover up systems can trap water, bacteria and mold under the liner creating more issues.

SmartBath takes a different approach to bathtub remodeling. SmartBath physically removes old or damaged fixtures, makes the necessary repairs, and installs brand new fixtures from quality brands such as Kohler, Sterling and Delta resulting in a high quality long-lasting bathtub. This may sound expensive but SmartBath offers this service at about the same price as the fitted cover-ups due to its close relationships with vendors and a proven process that cuts out waste.

SmartBath is committed to doing the right thing for every customer. We stand behind our work with an industry leading warranty that means something and is not cancelled out by small print. We take pride in our proven record of customer satisfaction in every step of the remodeling process. Our goal is to deliver a bathroom that you love, at a fair price, and with unparalleled quality.

Proud to Use the Following Brands

  • Kohler
  • Sterling
  • Delta